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Venue Collection

Mallorca Wedding

WOW a stunning Fortress

Cap Rocat

Cap Rocat is a stunning venue that will transport you to another world. It is located in a former military fortress surrounded by beautiful, lush landscape. This venue will create a warmth to your event, with the sandy colors and exquisite detail.  

Cap Rocat is 5 minutes from Palma and can seat up to 250 guests with inside and outside seating areas.

Overlooking the sea

Can Simoneta

Can Simoneta is a charming and relaxing venue that overlooks the gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea. With fresh and romantic scenery you and your guests will enjoy every aspect to this venue.

Can Simoneta is located Northeast of the Island with outdoor seating of up to 500 plus guests.

Natural Glam & Garden Feeling

Castell Son Clarett

Castell Son Clarett is a lovely garden venue surrounded with flowers of all colours. With a fresh and modern scenic view you and your guests will enjoy your special day with a warm breeze.

 Castell Son Clarett is a beautiful hotel with a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant located near Tramuntana Mountain with a lovely outdoor venue that can seat anywhere from 50 to 500 guests.

Your own little town


Binigual is a stunning rustic venue that offers a gorgeous natural setting for a wedding. With a beautiful family run winery and the perfect central location Binigual is a great choice for you and your guests to celebrate.

This venue offers seating from 30 to 400 guests with your own village, small church and even a market place in a rural and private outdoor setting.

Your private Peninsular

Private Home

Why I love this beautiful place: not only because the place in itself, but also the lovely people who manage it.. Have a look to the pictures. Isn´t this amazing ? You don´t need more descriptions, do you?

This venue is located North of the island with a beautiful spacious outdoor seating area that can hold up to 500 guests.

Mallorquin History

Son Marroig

Son Marroig is a unique venue surrounded with rich history. This lovely venue is full of culture and symbolism of Majorca, with a perfect space for a lovely traditional event.  

Son Marroig is located at the West Coast of the Tramuntana mountain with spacious outdoor seating that can fit 200 plus guests.

Beauty & comfort at the Sea

Maricel Hotel

Maricel Hotel is a very charming and traditional space. Their modern twist to old fashioned decor offers a luxurious stylish flare. This space has a stunningly classic look that elevates any event.   

Maricel Hotel is located in Palma and can seat up to 150 guest in their beautiful outdoor venue.

feel the Nature


Miramas is a warm venue that has a very cozy atmosphere for you and your guests to celebrate. This venue’s natural settings offer beautiful lighting throughout it’s colonnade. 

Miramar is located at the West Coast of the Island with an intimate outdoor seating arrangement that can hold up to 50 guests comfortably.

pure Elegance

La Residencia

La Residencia is a magical venue with a beautiful garden and refreshing atmosphere and terraces. This venue has a modern elegance that is unlike any other, leaving guests in awe.   

La Residencia is located in the West Coast of the Tramuntana mountain with beautiful outdoor seating areas that can seat anywhere from 50 to 500 guests.

feel like a Mallorquin

Son Doblons

It is a stunning Venue with lots of rooms to host a private and homey event. This space offers a Mediterranean & Traditional experience for you and your guests. Located in the Middle/North of the island with a spacious outdoor seating area that can fit up to 250 guests. 

spanish finca & horse stud at the best

Es Cabas

Finca is a traditional Spanish venue with beautiful rustic decor. Although it holds its traditional roots, this venue has beautiful accents of modern elements.

Finca is located in the middle of the island with lovely outdoor seating areas that can hold up to 200 plus guests.

old tradional Manour House

Son Togores

Son Togores is a comforting and traditional Majorcan venue with a stunning manor, a lush garden and the most picture perfect ceremonial spot under a 100 year old tree.

Son Togores is 5 minutes from Palma and it has a gorgeous outdoor venue with multiple areas of seating to fit up to 200 guests.

Barefoot at the beach

Balneario de Illetas

Balneario de Illetas is the perfect seaside venue. Located right by the beach this venue offers ceremonies by the sea with fresh salty air and stunning scenery.

Balnearia de Illetas is 5 minutes from Palma and is a rustic venue with outdoor seating up to 200 guests in multiple areas.

spanish History & Elegance

Castillo Hotel Son Vida

Castillo Hotel Son Vida is a stunning castle venue you will constantly be impressed with. This venue is a perfect mix of modern and traditional design with a beautiful blend of historical and fresh decor. 

Castillo Hotel Son Vida is located in Palma has a lovely outdoor venue with enough space to fit 300 guests comfortably.

blue Mediterranean style


A typical mallorquin Manor House called Finca with his own Chappel & a hugh garden with views over the the green & nature. It fits up to 500 guests and you can party all night long outside in the south west.